P-LINE propellers

Ground adjustable P-LINE propellers are designed for applications such as powered paragliders PPG, trikes PPPG, light motor hang-gliders and similar constructions with variety of engines with power output limit up to 44 kW(60 HP) (depending on propeller model) and different reduction gears, mostly in pusher configuration. The propellers are available as 2 or 3-blade options.

P-LINE propellers are very efficient, are characterized by high thrust and low noise during work. They are also lightweight, thanks to the latest composite technologies used in manufacturing process, meaning very low inertia momentum, which translates into high manoeuvrability for the pilot and quick throttle response of the engine, thus increased flight safety. The biggest benefit of P-LINE propellers is the ability to adjust blade pitch on-ground, enabling the pilot to change the characteristic of the propeller to his likings, actual weather conditions or given engine parameters.
Construction & technology
Technological design of P-LINE propellers is based on hybrid carbon/glass-fibre or full-carbon fibre structure (depending on propeller model) with increased elasticity module and epoxy resin. Materials used in construction have elastic properties which make the propellers damage and bad weather conditions resistant. The paint that covers blades guarantees high contamination resistance and slow exploitation wear.

The hub is a low weight, high strength two piece construction that enables ground blade adjustments. It is corrosion protected by anodized surface cover. Hub manufacturing process takes advantage of the best sort of duraluminium 7075 billet material and high precision CNC machining.