F-LINE propellers

Foldable F-LINE propellers are dedicated to be used on motor gliders and similar aircrafts with combustion or electric propulsion systems with power output limit up to 40 kW (54 HP) (depending on propeller model) with or without reduction gears, mostly in pusher configuration. They come in 2 and 3-blade versions and are characterized by high efficiency, that translates into strong thrust and low noise during work. Lightweight and low inertia momentum are the properties of these propellers, that do not disturb flight parameters of an aircraft.

F-LINE propellers fold utilizing centre spring installed in the hub and opened using centrifugal force, generated when the propulsion system is started. When folded, the propellers have a very compact size, which guarantees low drag during free-flight without propulsion or enables to retract the propeller together with engine/motor into small engine bays in a fuselage or other relevant compartments in the airframe.
Construction & technology
Technological design of F-LINE propellers is based on full-carbon fibre epoxy-composite structure with increased elasticity module. Materials used in construction and layout enable elastic properties which make the propellers’ blades damage and bad weather conditions resistant. The paint finish of blades guarantees high contamination resistance and slow exploitation wear.

A multipiece hub comes in 2 or 3-blade versions with centre spring mechanism, a stamp working in conjunction with blade straps and rubber bumper, which protects the blades from damage during folding. It is corrosion protected by anodized surface cover. Hub manufacturing process takes advantage of the best sort of duraluminium 7075 billet material and high precision CNC machining.