B-LINE propellers

Ground adjustable B-LINE propellers are designed for applications such as light, ultralight, experimental aeroplanes, also for trikes, motor hang-gliders and autogyros with variety of engines with power output limit up to 118 kW(160 HP) (depending on propeller model and reduction gears) in puller or pusher configuration.

Internal structure of B-LINE propellers enables them to present aeroelastic properties. This advanced manufacturing technology is the invention of PESZKE company, resulting in an optimal utilization of motor power throughout the rev range.  These characteristics are similar to flight-adjustable propellers, thereby delivering short take-off, high cruising speed as well as low fuel consumption of the aircraft. Additional advantage of B-LINE aeroelastic propellers is the competitive price which is a few times lower than any flight-adjustable propellers.

B-LINE’s have a very low weight thanks to modern technologies used in production process which also translates into very low inertia momentum, optimal shape and profile guarantees low noise during running. Propellers are available in 3-blade configuration only.
Construction & technology
Technological design of B-LINE propellers is based on full-carbon fibre epoxy-composite structure with increased elasticity module. Materials used in construction and layout enable elastic properties which make the propellers’ blades damage and bad weather conditions resistant. The paint finish of blades guarantees high contamination resistance and slow exploitation wear. Additionally propeller blades leading edges are equipped with transparent protection tape as standard.

The hub is a low weight, high strength two piece construction that enables ground blade adjustments. It is corrosion protected by anodized surface cover. Hub manufacturing process takes advantage of the best sort of duraluminium 7075 billet material and high precision CNC machining.
Approvals & certificates
B-LINE propellers are approved by Polish Civil Aviation Department ULC and in ELPROP configuration have obtained EASA type certificate.