PESZKE S.C. company activities include design, development, implementation and manufacturing of light aviation and aviation-associated products and equipment. Founders’ years of experience in the fields of high strength composite technologies, advanced aerodynamics and family tradition of aviation are the determinants of firm’s activities and directions in R&D.

The company currently owns two of its brands – PESZKE, which is dedicated to aviation propeller business and GP GLIDERS, which in turn was created for a separate gliding project, complemented by an in-house glider trailer production as well.

The firm holds the aforementioned propeller, glider and trailer production plants at the same facility in Korczyna, subcarpathian voivodeship, Poland and has dealerships in the most important markets worldwide.

The company utilizes its facility resources to provide other services as well, within the scope of painting, high precision machining of soft and semi-hard materials using CNC plotter, metalworks and welding.

PESZKE constantly raises the bar of its offerings' standard. Customer service and product quality have the highest priority in company's philosophy of doing business. Strong market position and high recognition of PESZKE and GP GLIDERS brands worldwide are the key operating objectives, the economic targets are balanced growth and increase of the company's value every year.