PESZKE S.C. company was founded on a basis of the parent firm Z.P.P. Aero-Sail, which had been active in the market from the year 1989 until 2000. The founder of the original company was Grzegorz Peszke – a very talented modeler, constructor and designer, multiple world record holder in F3B flying RC model category and electric drive category. Initially the company's activities included production and trade of innovative for that time composite satellite antennas and also flying target imitators for Polish army and boatbuilding products.

Year 2000 brings changes, the satellite antennas production plant is sold to another company and Aero-Sail is then transformed into PESZKE Aero Technologies company with the founder's name in its logo. From then on activities are focused solely on aviation. Design boards are filled with new propeller designs for PPGs, ULMs, motor hang gliders or autogyros, future plans include development of own ultralight airplanes and electric self-launching gliders.

In 2007 the company is transformed into PESZKE S.C. with Grzegorz Peszke – lead designer and Jerzy Peszke – managing director in cast, which in unchanged shape operates till today. The objective for the new company is popularization of light aviation in Poland and introduction of PESZKE brand to international markets. The organizational structure of the company is put in place with clear divisions for design, manufacturing and sales & marketing departments. New contacts with suppliers and customers are set up, the dealership web is gradually built worldwide. The product offer quickly grows to meet increased demand, customer expectations and needs.

In 2014 the company accepts yet another huge challenge and engages into its own original gliding project GP GLIDERS and progressively develops new models of gliders with electric propulsion and glider dedicated transportation trailers.